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At Woodbridge Primary School we are fortunate to have a dedicated and hard working Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Our PTA is called FOWPS, (Friends of Woodbridge Primary School) and all parents are automatically members while they have a child attending the school.

About PTA’s
While a PTA is primarily a fund raising body, they also bring a social element to school life. Many PTA fundraising activities provide an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to come together in a social setting that is relaxed and informal. Approximately 80% of UK primary schools (and 60% secondary schools) have a PTA, and while PTA’s are not involved in the Governance of Schools, (that role falls to the school governors), they do help foster closer links between home and school.

FOWPS is made up of a committee of parent and teacher members as well as a whole host of helpers! The committee meet once or twice a term and smaller working groups of committee members and helpers meet as necessary to organise the various events.

The majority of our funds are raised through the events we run, however, we also raise money in other ways too; we currently have a recycle paper bank and clothes bank on the school site which provides additional funds.

FOWPS aim to provide equipment and experiences for the children not covered by the school’s budget. In this way we endeavour to enrich our children’s school life and expand their learning adventure... and along the way, have some fun!

More info

PTA-UK is a national charity and membership organisation for PTAs. Our PTA is also a member of NCPTA, a national charity and membership organisation providing support and guidance for all home school associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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