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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Our mission Statement Our mission statement will be here soon... Student Councillor Officers
Leads the Student Council and chairs the Student Council Meetings
Assists the Chairperson and stands in when the Chairperson is away
Takes notes at meetings (minutes) and maintains the Student Council notice board
Looks after the Student Council Fund and reports on the financial situation
What We Do 1 We always wear our Student Councillor badges badge 2 Communications We listen and talk to our classmates about what is going on in the school and bring their ideas, concerns and opinions to Student Council meetings 3 We go to Student Council meetings and discuss what our classmates have talked to us about Meeting 4 Report back After meetings we tell our classmates what was discussed at the meeting and ask them what they think 5 We do the things we have agreed to do at the meetings Action 6 Fund raising We raise funds for charity and for the Student Council Fund 7 Our final duties as Student Councillors is to present our annual report at the end of the school year and prepare any documents and financial reports for the next Student Council Handover
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