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Formed in 2013, The School Garden Company is an initiative developed in collaboration with the Eastfeast project. Each class is a department within The School Garden Company and, working with local artists, they design and produce different garden related products to sell at our Spring Fayre. The money raised from the Spring Fayre is used to buy learning resources for the classrooms and a proprtion of it is allocated to maintaining and developing our beautiful school garden.

Our 2013 Spring Fayre was on 26th March. Here are the items that the children designed, produced and sold...

F1's Cute Cotton Bags F1's Product F1 worked with an Eastfeast artist to create unique and delicately hand-painted cotton bags.

These bags are deal for keeping your gardening gloves and other gardening bits and pieces in.

F2's Fabulous Footwear Forests! F2's product Feast your eyes on F2’s Footwear Forests! Why not splosh some dosh and take home a pair of original and handcrafted planters, lovingly painted and planted by F2. The tiny plants will soon grow and blossom into full and brightly coloured flowers... perfect for conservatories, kitchen sills or on a patio! Choose from Sweet Peas, Marigolds, Pansies, Sweet Williams, or be bold and go for a mystery sunshine yellow... Y1's Fantastic Flowerpots Y1's product Y1 worked with the artist, Caroline Fish, to make and decorate beautiful terracota flowerpots. On sale and planted up with bedding plants. (We shall also be selling pearly-printed tissue wrapping paper) Y2's Beautiful Bell Chimes Y2's Product Working with ceramicist, Jonathan Keep, Y2 designed and made beautiful bell chimes. Y3's Amazing Gift Collection Y3's Products Unique Hand Printed Cards
Perfect for all occasions, these beautiful acrylic printed cards have all been hand designed by Y3. Each one is original and are blank for your own message. Stock up now!
Fantastically Filling Fat-ball Feast
Y3’s premium fat-balls are nourishing and nutritious bird treats made to a special recipe with even more bugs! Each ball is carefully wrapped and makes a lovely Easter present. Designed to fit into standard fat-ball feeders (but be warned...the squirrels love them!)
Chirpy Chicks Gift Tags
These gift tags are great fun. Hand made by Y3, each one has finger printed cheeky chicks and are ready and waiting for your message. Attach them to Easter eggs, birthday presents and gifts.
Y4's Brilliant Bird Boxes Y4's product This simple, hand-made wooden bird box comes complete with instructions on where to site it and how to maintain it - so your feathered garden friends can just move right in to their lovingly made new home! Y5's Unwind Wind Chimes Y5's Product These wind chimes are made from a mix of ceramic and recyled items suspended from a wilow hoop. Y5 sourced their own materials, including cutlery and keys! The combination of metal and ceramic produce a peaceful relaxing sound. Chill out with Y5's Unwind Wind Chimes... Y6's Woodland Treasures Y6 product Wonderful Wooden Flower Press
Bright, stylish and easy to use - preserve magical memories with this beautiful flower press. Hand-painted by the children in Y6, it makes a great gift. Use it to press your favourite flowers and then make homemade cards and pictures.
Size 14cm x 14cm
Happy Hanging Bird Feeder
Charm the birds from the trees with this simple but effective, hand-painted bird feeder. Made from wood, simply hang from a tree branch and enjoy the view as your feathered friends arrive to enjoy a meal.
Size 18cm x 18cm
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Eastfeast is a team of professional gardeners, artists and teachers that helps schools deliver more effective learning based on working a school allotment through the seasons, culminating in a community feast. We work with students and teachers to develop the outdoor classroom, cultivating shared learning about the world in which we live, through food and art.

Eastfeast offers a model for artist-teacher partnership work enabling the children to express their thoughts and experiences in a range of art forms through the growing cycle of seasons.

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