Terms and Conditions
Willow Garden Disc
Terms & Conditions

Operating Days and Times
Willow Garden Wrap Around operates from 8am to 8.50am Monday to Fridays, and 3.30pm to 6pm (with the exception of bank holidays).

Fees are reviewed annually on 1st September.
Fees are calculated on the number of sessions booked during the month.

Please telephone or e-mail the Willow Garden Supervisor if your child will not be attending a booked session.

It is the responsibility of the parent to advise Willow Garden staff if their child will be taking part in any extra-curricular activity that will affect their time at Willow Garden Wrap Around. This includes school trips and after school clubs. Failure to inform Willow Garden staff of these activities may result in you being charged for Willow Garden sessions your child has not attended.

Full fees are applicable for any absences (including sickness and holidays)

Advance Booking
Advance booking is defined as booking a term or half term in advance. To qualify for the advance booking rate you must have made your booking by the end of the first week of term.

Short Notice Booking
There are usually a small number of spaces available to book at short notice. These places are charged at a higher rate and can only be booked by telephoning Willow Garden. If you select this booking method please bear in mind that while we will do everything we can to accomodate your short notice request, we cannot guarrantee a space. If a booking is made on the day then payment must be made when booking, or on collection of the child/ren.

Breakfast Club: Breakfast will be available between 8am - 8.30am
Tea-time Clubs: A light tea-time snack will be available between 4.30pm - 5pm.

You must provide us with the names and contact details of any adults authorised to collect your child/ren. Children must be signed out by the adult collecting them. If a situation arises in which your child/ren have to be collected by an adult who is not on your authorised adult list a password system will operate.

Late Collection: Willow Garden Parents
Willow Garden operates a strict 'on time' collection policy. A fee of £10 will be charged in the event of late collection. If the child/ren has not been collected by 6.30pm an additional £25 fee will charged (making a total of £35). Please let us know as soon as possible if you know you are going to be late so that we can arrange for staff to remain in school.

Late Collection: Other Parents and Agents of Parents
If parents fail to collect their children at the end of the school day, and have not contacted the school to advise us, their child/children will be placed in Willow Garden After School Club and parents will be charged for the session at the ad hoc rate plus £10. If agents acting on behalf of the parents fail to collect children on time at the end of the school day the child/children will be placed in Willow Garden After School Club and the agents acting on behalf of the parents will be charged for the session at the ad hoc rate plus £30.

Late Payment
Invoices are sent out one month in advance and must be paid in full by the first day of the month to which they refer. There is an automatic charge of £10 levied if payment is made after this date. Non-payment of fees will result in a request from us that you to remove your child/ren from Willow Garden Wrap Around. Access to Willow Garden will be then be denied until such a time as all outstanding payments are met.

Notice Period
We require one month's written notice should you no longer need a place at Willow Garden Wrap Around. Failure to provide one month's written notice may result in charges for sessions already booked.

Childcare Vouchers
If you wish to pay for Willow Garden Wrap Around using a Childcare Voucher Scheme please contact the office.

Conditions of Admission
1) You will be invoiced during the first week of the month for that month's fees. These are payable, by cash, cheque, vouchers or direct bank transfer.
2) Willow Garden Wrap Around reserves the right to require the removal of a child/ren from any of the clubs.
3) All Woodbridge Primary School policies apply.


E-mail: Willow Garden Wrap Around
Tel: Willow Garden Duty Supervisor on 07516 436197

For invoice enquiries please contact Lucy on 01394 382516

All aspects of this service will be reviewed on 1st September.