Parent Forum

Parent Representatives for 2016...

Y1 Justine DeMierre Justine de Mierre
Justine is the Y1 representative and is a working mum of three, including James in Y1 and Sam in Yr5. She is happy to be approached by parents from any years who have issues they would like the parent forum to consider. Her aim on the forum is to ensure good communication between the school and the families who come here, so that the school is a happy environment for everyone and everyone has the information they need. She wants to help find practical, affordable, realistic solutions to any issues that arise and ensure concerns are addressed appropriately. Please feel free to chat to her in the playground if there’s anything you’d like her to bring up at the next meeting.
Y2 Tom Taylor Tom Taylor
Tom lives near the river in Woodbridge with his wife Sasha, daughter Niamh and his son Sam. Tom works for himself as a cinema technician and production manager.
Y3 Timandra Howell
(Profile to follow )
Y4 -
Y5 David Kemp

David Kemp
David is the father of JB (Jean-Baptiste) in Y5 and husband of Christine Bonnniot with whom he shares attendance at the Parent’s Forum meetings. Please feel free to contact him if you have any issues that you would like to see raised on your behalf, or if you have any suggestions for improvements. David has lived in Woodbridge for 35 years and worked locall; he is currently self employed so may be spotted on the school run when time permits!

Y5 Christine Bonniot Christine Bonniot
Christine is the mother of JB (Jean-Baptiste) and wife of David Kemp. Christine is French but has lived in Suffolk for almost 20 years now. She helps on a casual basis in the school and is a member of FOWPS, Woodbridge Primary's PTA. She is happy to bring to the forum any concerns or ideas that parents may have. So please feel free to speak to her when you see her in the playground.
Y5 Julie Murray Julie Murray
Julie is the Year 5 representaive and mum of Beth. Julie and her family relocated to Woodbridge in Summer of 2015 and her girls started school in the September. Julie works full time, as does her husband Lee, so both girls attend the breakfast and afterschool clubs. Julie is keen to represent the views of other parents and as Julie doesn’t get to do the school run very often, please feel free to drop her a note through school, email her or tel 07874 770089 to share any views or give any feedback.
Y6 -

The Parent Forum at Woodbridge Primary aims to provide regular and direct communication between parents and school.

The next meeting is...
15th May at 6pm

What is the Parent Forum?
The Parent Forum consists of parent representatives who meet once every term with representatives from the school to discuss school-related issues. Regular, open and constructive communication and consultation with parents is important to the continuing success of the school. The Parent Forum provides a mechanism for the school to discuss proposed initiatives and an opportunity for parents to express their observations, concerns and ideas.

What happens at the Parent Forum and who attends?
Meetings are informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion. While the forum is not a decision making body, it offers an information exchange and, in doing so, can influence decisions. Agenda items are suggested by parents and by the school.

Parent Forum meetings are chaired by Tom Walker (Co-Opted Governor). There are two representatives from the school; usually one member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team and one other member of staff and a maximum of two parent representatives per year group representing the parent views across the school.

The purpose of the Parent Forum is to gather specific feedback.

When and where will the parent Forum happen?
The meeting is held at the school, usually in the ICT suite, from 6pm and lasts one hour.

How do I volunteer to be a parent representative?
At the beginning of the Spring term parents are invited to nominate themselves as a potential Parent Forum members. There can be up to two parent representatives for each school year; individuals with more than one child in the school can only represent a single year. If we receive more than two nominations per year group a ballot in that year group will be held. The duration of the appointment will be one year.

What if I don’t want to be a parent representative but have an issue I would like raised at the Parent Forum?
If you would like to raise an issue or make a suggestion you can approach any of the Parent Representatives, or send an e-mail with Parent Forum in the subject line, or leave a note at the school office marked Parent Forum.