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Healthy Schools Logo We are proud of our healthy school status and do everything we can to make our children aware of the nurtiuional value of food and we encourage them to make healthy choices in
the food they eat.

We link food with our committment to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We have a responsibility to appreciate and value food and to take responsibility for the choices we make in the food we eat.

Hot meals served in school are nutritionally balanced, carefully prepared and represent excellent value for money; we promote the same high standards for packed lunches brought to school by the students.

We recognise that eating regularly is important in keeping energy levels up (and learning needs lots of energy!) So in KS1 there is the option of a snack mid-morning with fruit attack while KS2 students are permitted to bring into school a healthy snack to have as a morning munch at break-time.

Food is also about fun and sharing and the midday meal is a communal event, where children sit down and eat with their peers. We are also a community that likes to share food together so we have a Come Dine With Us scheme. At certain times of the school year we invite our parents and other famly members to join us for a hot midday meal.

Free School Meals (FSM)
From September 2014 all children in KS 1 (Yrs F2, Y1 & Y2) are entitled to free school meals (FSM). Your child may be entitled to free school meals in KS2 if certain criteria are met. Find out more about that here

Assistant Cook
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School food is prepared in our own state-of-the-art kitchen by our cooks Fiona Thompson and Paula Lye. They are marvellous cooks and take great pride in producing nutritious and tasty meals and snacks.

Our suppplier is Eats who provide us with ingredients that are, wherever possible, locally sourced and includes free range eggs and farm assured meat.

If you have any queries, compliments or concerns about the food that EATS supplies please contact them here and let us know.