Our Ethos
We teach more than the curriculum...
positive, assured, assertive, certain of their own abilities and have belief in themselves
inquisitve, eager to learn, interested in the world around them, possess an enquiring mind and a desire to investigate
imaginative, express original thoughts and ideas, be constructive and productive
thoughtful, attentive, sympathetic and respectful, demonstrate kindness and take into account the feelings of others
perseverence, to declare an intention and follow through, to devote time and energy
sociable, articulate, able to impart ideas and knowledge and to exchange information through writing, speaking and action
along with, also, as well as, furthermore, additionally, together with...
practical, 'hands on', skilled at making things, practises a craft or skill
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Children are naturally inquisitive and inexhaustibly creative and we aim to develop and nurture their innate desire and ability to learn.

Our children are presented with structured tasks, designed to move them on in their learning and we encourage our children to explore and discover their own solutions to any problems they encounter along the way.

Our children are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and to take risks in an environment where it is safe and acceptable to make mistakes.

Our children take an active part in their learning progression and are always involved in assessing their next learning step. Linked to our commitment to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, our children are encouraged to make their own choices and to take responsibility for the choices they make.

Our children are afforded time and space to think, opportunities to speak and express their views and are made aware of the importance of listening.

Our children are encouraged to support each other in all learning activities and social situations and different year groups are paired together to learn from, and about, each other.

Our children enjoy holistic learning opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, ‘real-life’ situations that involve practical tasks. We recognise that 'hands on' experiences facilitate and embed theoretical learning and that questions are just as important as answers.